Nicola Valley Paddle Company


I had a mighty day on Nicola Lake with Dorothy (Nicola Valley Paddle Company) and Blaine. I had paddled before but it was Dorothy who taught me some technique. It was a great day in a beautiful place.

Murrough O’Brien,
Clare, Ireland
June, 2015

I had my second lesson with Dorothy.(Nicola Valley Paddle Company) The first was last summer & I had been looking forward to coming back. Dorothy is patient, thorough & lots of fun. Her enthusiasm for the sport & for the lifestyle is really inspiring. Nicola Lake is the perfect place to learn: quiet, beautiful and calm with stunning landscapes, birds & wildlife all around. You will feel encouraged and replenished no matter what your skill level or where you’re coming from.

Tammy Daschuk
Calgary, Alberta
June 6, 2015

The loons diving beside us as we silently glided. And the birds on the cliffs with the fledglings screaming for their supper. The Eagles in the dead tree seamed unfazed as we sped past his hunting zone respectful of his lake and silent as a dipping paddle is.

To cruise the shoreline of Nicola lake was a fine & exciting adventure. I was sold on the sport immediately. LOVED it & was cruising in no time despite being 58 years old!

Dianne English
Salt Spring Island, British Columbia
June 6, 2015

Thanks Dorothy,

"Had a great afternoon on Nicola Lake. Learned about all the types of boards and gear. Instructed on the proper form and technique. Had the opportunity to try a variety of boards all one after another to feel the difference in how they felt and handled in different conditions."

Alex Reed
Kamloops, BC
July 2016

I had a really great time paddle boarding with Dorothy. She was really helpful and enthusiastic about the sport. She made sure that we had the right gear, gave us a detailed talk and demo. I had an amazing time getting to experience a sport that was new to me while enjoying the breath taking scenery of the lake. Dorothy is super friendly and willing to help you with any questions, so I highly recommend her to anyone who is interested in the sport.

Alice Campbell
Ireland, UK
August 2016

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