Nicola Valley Paddle Company


Sunrise Paddle - Nicola Lake - $59.00

dotsSUP offers the absolute perfect way to start a bright and healthy day, with our Sunrise Paddle
We firmly believe that a day spent inside is too many. Peace and tranquility, combined with a boost of energy makes for wonderful start to the day.

Enjoy the extraordinary calm and quietness of each stroke paddled as the birds wake up singing and the sun reflects on the lake.

There is no better way to enjoy a sunrise, then to be gliding on top of the water, as the sun peaks up over the horizon. You will feel rejuvenated and energized like nothing else could possibly offer you.
The Sunrise Paddle is offered daily on Nicola Lake at Monck Provincial Park.

dotsSup will be happy to create a special program for individuals that want to make this a routine part of their lives and perhaps share with a few like minded friends. Inquiries welcomed. All equipment is included.
(Multi-class discounts available)

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