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Dorothy Jordan owner, and certified trainer, with experience gained from her SUP travels near and afar, her adventures touring along the coast line of the Great Bear Rainforest, the waters of British Columbia’s west coast and experiencing the SUP adventures along the Belize eco systems of the Barrier reef. She offers a training program and adventure that strives to create a great place to learn, by offering an environment that is fun, challenging, promotes teamwork and mutual respect.

Dorothy, is certified, as a stand up paddle board instructor, through the Professional Stand Up Paddle Association and Paddle Canada. CPR/First Aid certified. Paddle Canada & PSUPA, share my love of the outdoors and SUP.

My goal, is to offer clients an experience on the water, that goes beyond paddling. Being on the water, is about connecting to yourself and the natural world, the outdoors. My desire, is to nurture this connection to the water, by way of paddling.

SUP is great for increasing cardiovascular health, building muscle, burning fat and improving balance, all while having fun. And ANYONE can do it! Staying safe while having fun, enjoying “walking on water" is our number one priority!

The Professional Stand Up Paddleboard Association (PSUPA) is an internationally recognized education association of like-minded paddling professionals, established by leaders in the SUP industry, dedicated to promoting the sport of Stand Up Paddling through instruction and community support. Since 1971, Paddle Canada has set national standards for instruction and certification for all major recreational paddling disciplines. Nearly 2,000 Paddle Canada certified instructors deliver sanctioned canoe, kayak and stand up paddleboard (SUP) courses to more than 10,000 paddlers across Canada annually.  Paddle Canada certifications are nationally accredited and internationally recognized.

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